Frequently Asked Questions

What is ACSIS?

ACSIS is the 'Algonquin College Student Information System'. ACSIS is a secure website that requires a valid student number and Password for access. The ACSIS site integrates with the existing College database systems, so students can access their information at their convenience.

What can ACSIS do?

Once the student has successfully logged into the system, ACSIS will provide:

  • Individual Student Timetables
  • Academic information
  • Profile (address) information
  • Locker information
  • Important Academic year dates, exam schedules and refund dates
  • Students also have the ability to change their Password for access into ACSIS
  • Encumbrance status, and information to resolve outstanding balance

Algonquin College is working everyday to add additional features and services that will enhance student experience while at the college.

When can I log in to the system?

This system is currently available daily from 3:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

How secure is this system?

Algonquin College is using Secure Server IDs to authenticate and identify Algonquin College servers and to enable Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to protect student data. This will require a browser with a minimum of 128-bit encryption.

The ACSIS site contains additional security provisions for logins. The ACSIS site will lock you out of the site if you have made too many failed login attempts. You will be prompted to contact the Registrar's Office and verify your identity in order to reactivate your ACSIS account.

Algonquin College is not responsible if you have provided someone else with your password. You must keep your password confidential at all times. You have the ability to change your password if you believe it has been compromised.

Algonquin College does not recommend you sharing your password with anyone.

Passwords, PINs, and more Log-In IDs....

Here is the break down on the unique identification numbers to gain access to the Algonquin College Services:

IT PIN: The IT PIN number permits student's access to the college network and the Internet within the computer labs. Your IT PIN number is currently printed on the hard copy timetable from the Registrar's Office, and will be mailed to you prior to the new academic year within your Registration Confirmation package. For additional security precautions, your IT PIN number will not be displayed from the ACSIS web version of your timetable. If you have forgotten your IT PIN number you can contact the Help Desk or the Registrar's Office for assistance.

To receive an IT PIN Full time students are assessed a per term fee and Continuing Education students are assessed a fee based per course hour to a maximum by term. 

ACSIS:  If you are a registered student of Algonquin College you will have access to the ACSIS web site.  If you have an IT PIN number and are on campus you may log in at anytime. Your default password is your birth date, and the system will prompt you on your first log in attempt to change your password.

Algonquin College is making every effort to ensure that our systems are secure, so please do not compromise your information by sharing your passwords.  You have the ability to change your password to the ACSIS site if the password has been compromised.

What is Secure Socket Layer (SSL)?

When you come across a web page that is secured, your browser will likely display a 'closed lock' or other symbol to inform you that SSL has been enabled.  The web site address should also now start with "https://" rather than the usual "http://".

SSL allows a secure connection between your web browser and a web server.  Algonquin College has purchased a Digital Certificate from VeriSign to uniquely identify our servers for you to feel confident in a secure data exchange.

Please go to the following URL for additional security information:

Algonquin College is working to provide additional functionality to our clients via the ACSIS system. We hope that you find the system a valuable and useful addition to Algonquin's online services. We recommend that you check your information daily for the latest information.  If you have any questions or comments please contact us at