Privacy Policy
On-Line Privacy Policy

Algonquin College is committed to security and has a legal obligation to protect the individual's right to privacy regarding the personal and academic information in its possession.

  1. Notice

    What information does Algonquin College require to process on-line registration?

    Algonquin College requires the client to provide various “Personal Information” in order to register for a Continuing Education course. Required personal information includes: the client’s full name, full mailing address information including town/ city and province/ state information. Algonquin College also requires the client to enter their Postal/ Zip Code information, telephone number, email address and date of birth. Algonquin College will also require the client to declare if they have received a high school diploma, and if they are a Canadian citizen. Algonquin College has required the client to declare if they are a Senior or a member of the Canadian Forces.

    The client can voluntarily provide the college with an alternate email or additional contact telephone numbers. Also, in order for the request for registration to be processed real-time on-line, the client is required to enter a valid credit card number.

    Will Algonquin College disclose personal client information to anyone?

    Algonquin College does not sell, release or rent our client information for other purposes.

    In compliance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, Algonquin College reserves the right to cooperate with law enforcement for investigations requiring access to client personal information provided to Algonquin College.

    Will Algonquin College disclose client information to anyone other than Algonquin College representatives?

    Algonquin College has an existing contract with trusted financial companies that act on our behalf for on-line payment processing. These trusted and known companies receive only the required information to process on-line transactions and are not authorized and will not use this information for other purposes.

  2. Choice

    Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act: Excerpt from College Directive AA35

    The College has a legal obligation to protect the individual's right to privacy regarding the personal and academic information in its possession.

    The policy as it relates to confidentiality applied in College Directive AA35 is based on both the students right to privacy and the College's responsibility for the judicious use of student data. This policy complies with the requirements of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (Government of Ontario, 1987).

    The College will regard each student record as a unique and private document, maintained in a secure, controlled environment. Access to student information held in any medium (hard copy, computerized database, microfiche) must observe the principles of confidentiality according to guidelines provided by the Registrar.

    The College uses data for record-keeping, reporting and analysis purposes only. It is updated, corrected, or amended, as appropriate, upon notification and/or documented request from student, faculty member, Dean, Director, Chair, or Manager as appropriate. Student record data is maintained live a minimum of one year following the student's last academic activity, after which time it is purged and archived.

    Data on the student's record is available for his/her perusal, under supervision of the Registrar's Office staff, and is protected by security measures, including the regulation of access to the Student Information System.

    In compliance with the Freedom of Information Act, Section 42 (b), Algonquin College cannot release student information without the written authorization of the student.

    Algonquin College can provide students with a form for any student who wishes to provide information to external parties such as parents, organizations and other institutions, etc. It would be placed in the student's file once it has been signed. This authorization would be valid for a period of time commencing from the date signed and terminating one year after graduation of after discontinuance of studies at the College.

    Other Registration Methods Available to Clients

    Algonquin College has created 5 different Registration Methods for our clients.

  3. Access

    How does Algonquin College protect client information captured from the secure web site?

    Algonquin College is using Secure Server IDs to authenticate and identify Algonquin College servers and to enable Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to protect all clients’ personal data transmitted over the Internet. Algonquin College secure servers will require a client to have a browser with a minimum of 128-bit encryption.

    In addition to SSL, Algonquin College secure web site stores all client-related information within a controlled facility for authorized personnel only, thereby, further protecting the loss, misuse or access to private client information.

  4. Security

    What is Secure Socket Layer (SSL)?

    When clients come to a web page that is secured, the browser should display a 'Closed lock' or other symbol to inform the client that Secure Socket Layer (SSL) has been enabled. The web site address should also now start with "https://" rather than the usual "http://".

    SSL allows a secure connection between the client’s web browser and the Algonquin College web server. Algonquin College has purchased a Digital Certificate from VeriSign to uniquely identify the secure servers for you to feel confident in a secure data exchange.

    Please go to the following URL for additional security information:

    Does Algonquin College use "Cookies"?

    Cookies are small files containing information that a Web site uses to track a visit. A persistent cookie remains on the user's hard drive, while a session cookie is temporary. ACSIS requires session cookies to complete registration processes, including CE Registration and other ACSIS functionality.

    Please refer to your browser's Help function for further information on controlling and setting cookies.

  5. Customer Service and Recourse

    Algonquin College reserves the right to change, revise or alter the Privacy Policy information without notice.

    If you have any questions, comments, or require additional information, please contact the Registrar’s Office at: or by telephone 613-727-0002.